Taggart. (SMG)
Ongoing for over 10 years. We supply stunt weapons, breakaways, props and all manner of on-set gory FX for this long running and notoriously violent crime series.

River City. (BBC)
Ongoing work with this popular Scottish soap opera providing similar services as above.

Sea of Souls. (BBC)
Ongoing supply of props and FX for this supernatural series.

The Saturday Show. (BBC)
A selection of giant food items including a croissant couch, lips couch, strawberries, milkshake, cup-cake tables, outsize nose, pineapple, ice cream cone etc. Various ongoing items.

The Culture Show. (BBC)
Manufacture and supply of awards.

Only An Excuse. (Comedy Unit)
Replica TV company logo and electronic glowing cigarettes.

Coast Scotland. (BBC)
Build and operate 2m long submarine with integrated camera system.

Ian Rankin. (BBC)
Various props, body bags, Stunt mouth for internal shots of dentistry.

The Acid Test. (BBC)
Lightweight replica rubble to bury an actress.

PC Alastair Stewart. (BBC Gaelic)
Build complete model of an island complete with integrated electric vehicle control system and functioning scale models of traffic lights, a speed camera and a police car complete with all lights. This project utilised three custom programmed microcontrollers. A 6 foot diameter sphere was also built.

Waterloo Road II. (Granada)
Safe hit wrench finished to match original.

Involuntary. (Comedy unit)
Mould and cast charity box.

Legit. (Comedy unit)
Safe hit spades, fake heels and sloth!.

Cold Blood. (Granada)
Mould and cast custom retractable knives.

The Old Guys. (BBC)
Shattered windscreen with cheese missile.

The Scottish Enlightenment. (BBC)
Replica magic lantern with flame flicker simulation. Oversized Backgammon board.

Feel The Force. (Catherine Bailey Ltd)
Body parts.

Suspect. (BBC)
Elevator panel, porthole and game playing pieces.

Only an excuse. (Comedy unit)
Replica world cup.

Northern Lights. (Granada)
Safe moulded "wooden" sleeper.

Uncle Dad. (SMG)
Articulated lobster puppet, Juju mask, vintage style stun prod and surveillance devices.

Vincent. (Granada)
Safe hit props like baseball bats, snooker cues, balls and fire extiguisher.

Beyond Explanation. (Granada)
Lifelike puppet panther head.

Woolamaloo. (SMG)
Miniature fully functioning truck with all indicator lights and detachable sections to allow ease of filming. Also huge animated boot prop.

Meet the Magoons. (Wark Clements)
Various items of fake Indian food complete with "logo's".

Ugly One Morning. (Quite Ugly Films)
Limbs and severed fingers.

Butterfingers. (SMG)
Safe boiling water effect and churning piranha water.

Jeopardy. (Wark Clements)
Replica rocks and tree trunks.

Intergalactic Kitchen. (BBC)
Full spaceship set in organic "Alien" style with extensive use of electronic set components, props and costumecomponents.

Shoebox Zoo. (BBC)
Various magical props for this childrens drama.

The Book Group. (Pirate productions)
Build and operate a vomit machine.

Stacey Stone. (BBC)
"Radar watch" and "pupils art project".

Mechanoids. (Ideal world productions)
Sculpting "carnalids" from supplied maquettes including various life stages of the creatures (worms with human heads). Also manufacture of the game trophies.

Crowdie and Cream. (BBC)
Full size vintage sea mine, safe hit tawse, eight gravestones and full size blackhouse cottage interior set.

Famous people. (Wark Clements/Channel 4)
Model of historical battlescene.

2000 Acres of Sky. (Zenith north)
Safe hit wooden fence stake.

Captain Abercrombie. (Wark Clements/BBC)
majority of the props, various costumes and three full size boat sets.

Ghost train. (STV)
Various bug eyed monsters.

Snug and Cozi. (STV)
Puppets, various props, a latex pillar box and foam effects.

HOW 2. (STV)
Bubble and foam FX.

McCallum. (STV)
We supplied an anatomically accurate burned corpse with animatronic arm for a bonfire scene, various medical apparatus and a large classic burial monument for this forensic detective series.


Dog Altogether. (Warp films)
Safe hit cricket bat. Aged and weathered gravestone.

Dear Green Place. (Effingee productions)
Modified traffic cone for horses head, safe pitchfork and gravestone panel to match existing memorial.

The Harvest. (Black/Gorman)
Three sets of spacesuit undersuits, footwear, badges.

Senseless. (Plum Films)
Snake camera units, shaved skin particles, retractable ice pick rigs, sculpt and mould ortolan buntings.

Hallam Foe. (Hallam Foe Ltd)
Match dirty metal boxes. Mould binoculars for dropping.

Red Road. (Red Road Films)
Silicon stone to match original. Safe replica glass bottle bottoms.

Jess the Border Collie. (I.W.C)
Replica puppy based on star.

Brighter Later. (Autonomi Ltd)
Realistic dead cat.

A trip to the zoo. (Dave Turbitt)
Sculpt and cast oversize insects.

Blinded. (Oscar Films)
Sculpting and casting of bust of peter Mullen in breakaway format. Also five intermediate sculptures.

Danny the Dog. (Hutchieson)
Mould and cast replica road marking squares..

Giant Robot. (brumptongorman productions)
Main characters futuristic costume.

Young Adam. (Mason)
Full body cast of lead actress and floating body.

Frozen Heart. (Bromptongorman productions)
Sets and props for fantasy film.

The Devils tattoo. (KMG films)
Safe hit welders hammer and rotting corpses.

The Lonely Widow. (Brumptongorman productions)
Specialist live action props and mould of prototype of central character.

The Match. (Parralax films)
Set dressing including 500 fake milk bottles and 100 fake loaves.

My Name is Joe. (Parallax films)
Safe hit baseball bats, stools and stunt syringe for close up injection effect.

Gadget Man. (Hallmark Films)
Lab robot.

The stalkers apprentice. (Hallmark films)
Safe knives and bar fight props.

The Bruce. (Clan Wallace)
Safe hit weapons.

Mary Shelleys Frankenstein. (PBB)
Moulding of uniquely textured latex sheet for lab set piece.

Jack and Jill. (Continental Pictures)
Bullet hits and blood effects.


Terror. (Irvin)
Costumes, masks and props for a touring walk-through horror attraction.

Alien War. (Alien War Ltd)
A guided interactive horror walk-through that was so scary that people actually vomited in fear and fled from the building screaming. We moulded new props and costumes from movie originals. See our feature on the new 15 year anniversary Alien DVD.

Aliens. 50 years of sightings. (Boyle)
Full set dressing and manufacture of over 40 different aliens based on eyewitness accounts and sketches.

Movie Magic. (Gillies)
We produced Alien, Predator and Batman figures for the show.

Weimar Visitor Attraction. (Isys Exhibitions)
Production of various scenes including a forest walk, 15th century castle with figures, 17th century street scene, 18th century theatre and sumptuous drapery throughout.

Water of leith visitor centre. (The loft)
An oak tree with integrated sound effects and flora.

Wild wet and wonderful. (kelvingrove gallery)
Construction of a bog-body and a replication of a religious carving.

Mobie Magic Newcastle. (Gilles)
More movie memorabillia reproductions on a spy theme.

Walking with dinosaurs. (Hunterian)
Construction of a 46 foot Tyrannosaurus Rex and a smaller Cetiosaur. At this point in time "Millie" is the largest museum commissioned T-Rex in the world.

PPARC Exhibition. (Northcross Design)
12 Large detailed hair follicles, a 3D breakdown of molecules and a ladybird in the same scale.

Dinosaur Isle Museum. (Isle of Wight)
Production of 30 foot Iguanadon and 12 foot Eotyrannus.

FSA Exhibition. (Northcross Works)
Oversized food and effects including egg box, cheese, fish, pork chop, large pie and logo tea towel. Also including "bubble" effect writing in a sink and a large pile of cookbooks.

Subcutaneous Digital Watch. (National Museums of Scotland)
Replica of an existing piece for an exhibition on body modification techniques.

Dinosaur Trackway. (Isle of Arran)
Cast of a fibreglass trackway for a museum.

Dinosaur moulds. (Hunterian)
Making casts from original moulds of dinosaur trackways.

Blair Atholl Distillery Exhibition. (Innova 3D)
Replica oak tree and historically accurate highland figure to sit in it.

Munro Hotel. (Strathyre)
As part of ongoing refurbishment we supplied lined curtains for public areas in hotel.

Lord Kelvin. (Huntarian)
Mould and cast a replica of an original bronze sculpture.

More dino stuff. (Kelvingrove)
Reconstruction of Cetiosaur thigh bone and fossil footprint.

Conspiracy. (Blackpool)
Alien autopsy figure.

Treasures of the Romanovs. (Innova 3D)
Sculpt and casting of full size golden domes.

MRSA Virus. (Huntarian)
Model of the MRSA virus for educational purposes.


SEGA TV commercial. (RSA)
Latex costume components for pigs.

Loch Ness Monster. (Westlake Advertising)
we designed and built a 30 foot Loch Ness Monster which was mounted on a midget submarine and performed in Loch Ness for the press.

Sunday Post. (Green Room Films)
Creation of fishlike hands and gloves.

Visit Scotland advertisement. (RHB)
Imitation blackberries.

Various wacky games and props for the promotion of this range of drinks. These included the giant dive-in heads, foam combat games, promotional props and the cows of mystery (where you shoved your hand where the sun don't shine to grab prizes (accompanied by loud moo and fart noises!).

TCzech beer advertisement. (GMSFX)
Create a mould for safe-hit cabers.

Scottish Executive. (MTP)
To be on-set to paint doll figures in various combinations for a domestic abuse campaign.

Beat 106. (GMSFX)
An anatomically correct sculpture of a 7' ear with various mechanisms.

BBC Ident. (2am Films)
Polystyrene rocks as bases for Tai-Chi practitioners to perform on.

Bar Budda.
Various sizes and styles of budda's for this chain of bars.

Warburtons all-in-one promo. (Blue Chip)
Five mini putting greens with sculpted bread face targets.

Absolut bar fittings. (ARC)
Abstract and active bar decor based on the Absolut theme.

Scottish Widows. (Green Room)
Safe hit fire extinguisher.

Northern Rock ident. (Plum Films)
A large fake bush with flap for camera.

Irn Bru commercial. (MTP)
Sculpt and cast large eggs and bricks, plaster and debris for wall explosion.

Highland Spring idents.
Various props for different Highland Spring idents.


Little Shop of Horrors. (Mayfest)
Construction of all plant stages from 6" to 6' and mechanised pod.

the Running Girl. (Boilerhouse theatre company)
50 copies of a sculpture for the run of the show.

The Magic Flute. (Scottish opera)
A huge inflatable snake, a full size car with space age theme, rubble and weaponry plus a model of the car and occupants.

The Nutcracker. (Hands On)
Lightweight rifles for performance.

The Minotaur. (Scottish opera)
A minotaur mask and tribal mask.

Rikki and me. (Pavillion)
Mechanised dog and silicon "puddings".

And many others.....