The gallery.

(We really should take more pictures!)

A reinforced egg case for the BBC's Shoebox Zoo series. This case was designed for incubating the evil los contrarios eggs and has reinforcement to prevent them from escaping when they hatched.

Inside the case, custom LED illumination was used to make the eggs glow a sulpherous colour while allowing puppeteers to manipulate the little creatures inside the eggs from below.
The illumination was done in the form of a ring-light that avoided shadows from the puppeteering controls. The actual hatching was done with CGI

A rather large strawberry gets the finishing touch as each individual pip is glued in by hand.

A huge pineapple gets sculpted for a BBC production

An artist puts the finishing touches to the pineapple ready for delivery to set.

A technician assembles part of the Intergalactic Kitchen control panel on set. That particular part has three microcontrollers running it.

The wiring loom from one of the Intergalactic Kitchen pods.