(Blue channel glows dimly for one second at power-up.)

Press the EFFECT button to step through the effects.
Press the OPTION button to select speed or colour options.
If EFFECT and OPTION are pressed together the unit resets to effect 1.
All settings are kept when power is turned off.

1. Morph and hold with vibrant colours. Hold adjustable in 16x3 second increments.

2. Morph and hold with over 16 million colours. Hold adjustable in 16 steps.

3. Sweep continually between vibrant colours. Speed adjustable in 16 steps.

4. Rainbow. Can be stopped and started on any colour using option button.

5. Rainbow continuous. Speed adjustable in 64 steps.

6. Colour burst. Steps between random colours at 32 speeds.

7. Colour strobe. 32 speed settings.

8. X-fader. Classic two channel cross fader with 32 speeds.

9. Juddermeister. Shuddering random colours with 16 speeds.

10. Hazard. Two channel hazard warning strobes in 16 styles.

11. Psychodelatron with 16 speeds (violent).

12. Colour touch. Explore infinite colours with a single button.

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