If your RGB controller makes the GREEN LEDs glow dimly for about one second after power-up, then this is the list of programs on board.

There are four colour palletes used:-

Primary. A fixed selection of saturated primary colours.
Vibrant. A stunning range of saturated colours.
Bright. A range of bright saturated and pastel shades.
Full Spectrum. Every colour that can be achieved from black to white.

The programs available:-

1. Morph and hold with vibrant colours. (Hold delay adjustable in 3 second increments.)

2. Morph and hold with bright colours. (Hold delay adjustable.)

3. Morph and hold with full spectrum colours. (Hold delay adjustable.)

4. Red marker to help you find your way through the programs.

5. Sweep continually between vibrant colours.

6. Sweep continually between bright colours.

7. Sweep continually between full spectrum colours.

8. Green marker.

9. Indie dim with each colour "rambling" independently.

10. Indie dim pastels (all colours 25% min).

11. Blue marker.

12. Rainbow. Can be stopped and started on any colour using option button.

13. Rainbow continuous. (Speed adjustable)

14. Black marker.

FX routines below can only be accessed when unit is in FX mode.
To lock and unlock FX mode, hold both buttons in for about 15 seconds until the output changes from blue to either red (locked out) or green (unlocked).

15. Colour burst with vibrant colours. (Speed adjustable.)

16. Colour burst with bright colours. (Speed adjustable.)

17. Colour burst with full spectrum colours. (Speed adjustable.)

18. Cyan marker.

19. Colour plasma lightning. (Speed adjustable.)

20. White plasma lightning. (Speed adjustable.)

21. Colour strobe. (Speed adjustable.)

22. Windswept flame effect. (3 independent.) (Speed adjustable.)

23. Subtle flame effect. (3 independent.) (Speed adjustable.)

24. Rainbow trail. Fast cycle of primary colours to create a colourful trailing effect on fast moving reflective objects or water droplets. The colours cycle so quickly that the output appears to be static white. (Speed adjustable.)

25. Jewel fountain. Similar to rainbow trail but with random vibrant colours, especially designed for fountains to make the droplets of water sparkle with random colours. Best used where the light is not directly viewed due to a shimmering effect. (Speed adjustable.)

26. X-Fader. A standard speed adjustable cross fading effect between the red and blue channels.

27. Peppers Ghost. An automated cross fade with hold delay adjustable in 16 3-second increments.

28. Juddermeister. A wild psychedelic effect which alternates rapidly between pairs of random colours.

29. Hazard. Specifically designed for LED hazard warning lights. This effect strobes alternately between the red and blue channel with 8 speed options in one style and 8 in another style.

30. Random fixed full colour. (Reselectable with option button.)

31. Random fixed vibrant colour. (Reselectable with option button.)

32. White marker.

If both program and option buttons are pressed together briefly the unit will revert to program 1.

After any buttons have been pressed the changes will be stored to non volatile memory and the unit will power up in that mode until further changes are made.

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